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2013 - A Look Back and Forward

2013 - A General look Back and Forward 
GreyhoundsNow - Videos/Blogs

It has been an up and down year on the video side . back in the early months of the year the Igb Decided restrict access to there videos, They proceeded to report various videos on people Youtube and Facebook pages for copyright violations, 

This ended up with mine being shut down and others being tacken down. the 1st one taken down on mine was Paradise Madisons track record run, on other people pages even 2 year old champion hurdle races were reported

Seems a strange way to promote the sport , but as with most rules there is an exemption for some people, The person running the Radzldazl site has been allowed put up any videos he wants including one of  the 2012 Derby winner Skywalker Puma  suffering an injury and focusing on the injury !! Which is a Very poor move imo and only something that anti greyhound racing groups do to try and influence public opinion against greyhound racing.

On the Upside i have Started this blog to use from time to time to promote, post and inform when needed . i have tipped a 12/1 ante post winner , posted technical advice and promoted stakes, 

Blogging can trigger debate and highlight certain issues which is good ,  There have been a few good blogs this year . on hte Racing Post site Jonathan Kay has blogged some progressive views on the future of British Racing , More such views are needed in the coming 2014

Jim Cremin has as always been posting good material , A recent blog on the Wimbledon situation and also on the English Derby and Racing in General. A newcomer was Tom Francis of Airlee Impact Fame , Giving an owners view on the ups and downs of the game.

Another Blog is The Manaboutdog Blog which ran its Top Irish Derby Tipping Competition Won by the lads from Paddy Power Audio . Hopefully its not the end of the Blog and it would be good to see Johnny Blog again .

Back on the Video, the New GreyhoundsNow youtube Channel has now 175 subscribers 132,000 views which is quite good as it only started in Mid May, top Video was Sidaz Jacks Derby Final with 11,400 views. Hopefully its onward and upward, despite a few questioning it 

Irish Racing

With the news of Adrian Neilan not wishing to renew his contract as Ceo of the Igb, things are up in the air. The industry is under a government initiated review , the 2011 accounts were recently up for discussion in the Public Accounts Committee, the 2012 Accounts are in the pipleline aswell at the same time that 2011 is still under review.

30 International Contracts for the tote betting pools and Live video were set to be announced by the end of November!! What has happened these, there were projected as providing and annual €1.5million euro a year income for the board within the next year or 2 

They have hired a new head of tote to oversee and run these pools to suit the various companies  the Current tote takeout in pools are far 2 high to be competitive internationally in mine and many other opinions.  Coventry Headed by Punter orientated Harry Findlay have a 15 percent takeout on all pools and in America Mardi Gras, Hollywood and Tri State Tracks do 9.5 percent take out on win, place and show.

The igb take out 27% or more on pools and added to the poorly run Picture Streaming the igb product is not competitive and And American Punters have told me that they could not bet at them percentages,  

Hopefully a new Ceo with new Ideas needs to get in quick and Promote the game and better communication is badly needed from the new incumbent .

British Racing 

The Wimbledon situation is the Big issue as it were , the Gra / Galliard bid has recieved the backing of Nama (the Irish national assets management authority) and Plan to Bring Afc Wimbledon Back to Plough Lane as tenants of a Football Stadium.

Paschal Taggart Leads a Consortium who Plan to Build a Refurbished Greyhound Stadium. Boris Johnson The Mayor of London is supporting these Plans.

Here is a Video re the Latest on Wimbledon

Hopefully Greyhound racing wins out and the Stadium gets the Long needed Upgrade,  This year during the Derby connections of the Greyhound and Punters alike at the track used My videos to see replays of the races at the track because the televisions were not working to show the replays !!!

I may blog about more specific issues as they arise 

Happy New Year

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Help With Igb Videos .

The Irish Greyhound Board Videos as of now run on windows Media Player . therefore a windows based laptop is what is generally needed to view the videos

Since late November an Update to Internet explorer has made it Not straight Forward to watch videos on Internet explorer 11

Instructions for Internet explorer

To view videos etc when on

when on ,click Tools on your toolbar

select Compatability View Settings  . igb .ie will be in the Box under add this website.

then select add.

Your Videos should then Play

Instructions for Chrome

For chrome install - 

Chrome atm is stopping any extensions from outside the chrome webstore being used . it is started in the latest chrome beta browsers and will soon be the case in the standard chrome browsers

you can reinstall the Chrome one easily when you restart but as you say chrome might disable it but the igb site on my version of chrome isnt running vlc via the igb site

Go to the link below

download .crx file

A pop up will come up tp say that chrome does not allow this plugin - But it does and will still work if install it manually  to do so follow the following steps

click the 3 bars customize and control chrome tools icon in the top right of your Chrome window 

select settings , then extensions

then drag and drop the crx file from where you downloaded it into the middle of the extensions page 

near the top half , if you have other extensions already installed then dropping it near them should 


then the pop up will come up and click install

For Chrome Beta Browser - 

Chrome Beta  is stopping any extensions from outside the chrome webstore being used . it is started in the latest chrome beta browsers and will soon be the case in the standard chrome browsers

The option you will have then is to have vlc Media Player installed which will be used to play the videos

to download Vlc media Player 

click here

 Instructions For Firefox

Go to the Link Below

click install add on

and click allow plugin

and then install on the pop up install menu

I may update this in the future to keep it upto date

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fair Warrior Open Sprint Mullingar - Semi Finals Preview

Fair Warrior Open Sprint Semi-Finals Preview

Mullingar Home Straight - But Leads to the 1st Bend for the 400yard Distance

1st Semi Final Card 

Tasmanic Jaxx the only seeded runner has an ideal draw in the race, The John "Ginger" Mcgee trained bitch has won both her 1st 2 rounds in the stake, The bitch has run well from the stripes before and looks set to reach the Final .

Ballymac Best was just headed on the Line last week and is a railer, he has the advantage of being inside Holborn Mac who came on from his run in the 1st round to win , Dartrey Ron has run the track well has a tough draw with speed inside ,

2nd Semi Final

Bulmers Baby Got up on the line 2 beat Ballymac Best Last week , This though caused some frantic action in the Betting Ring after the race . The angle of the 400 yard finish always favours the dog on the outside and as its on the 3rd bend sometimes hard to tell the result.

After The heat Bookies payed out on Ballymac Best , only for Bulmers Baby to be called the winner after a late surge down the middle of the track. Did they get  there moneys back or did any of the punters hear the result and head straight out the door with the money? (which has happened before)  

Gortmelia Gorey has been one that has really made its name in this stake,  hadnt the toughest heat last time and made no mistakes to score very impressively , and now one of the main contenders to win outright

Glenarden and Lahinch Billy Have been running on strong and may battle it out to get the other final Place 



Win or E/W

SelectionPrevious oddsCurrent odds
Ballymac Best
Bulmers Baby
Tasmanic Jaxx
Holborn Mac
Gortmelia Gorey
Lahinch Billy
Prince Butler
Fahy Legend
Stunning Buddy
Dartrey Ron
Dees Prince
Each way odds » 1/4 Places 1,2,3

My 1st round Selection Bulmers Baby (12-1) is unbeaten so far and should go close Fingers Crossed !!

Final Plans

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ets Irish Derby Final Preview 2013

Ets Irish Derby Final Preview 2013

The Final is here ,  all roads from London to Kerry and further again lead to Ringsend. Crowds will be arriving from early afternoon to take in the delights of Mike Denver Live at the 1st Bend at 4pm , 

Bars will be full , Snackbars will sell out , and you will have to cue to go to the toilet but that all adds to the night that is Derby Final Night,

From a few races before the Final People will get there own vantage point to see the final and cheer on there fancy, In the betting ring it will be a war off attrition with races of various Distances from 7pm to 10.30pm.

Rte will cover 3 races in an hour long show Live From 8.30pm , also available worldwide via the rte Website www.rte.iw/live. Punters sitting at home will be enjoying the racing and a lot will be looking out to see how many Gaa Players old and new can they manage to feature in the show.

 The Final

Trap 1 Ballymac Vic 

Class dog - Under the cloud of injury after the slight repeated pad injury, 3 weeks short on work, Expectations will not be what they could be. Can he overcome all the bad look 

a real favourite but can he be at his best

Trap 2 Tyrur Sugar Ray 

Last years finalist who didnt get a run from an unfavourable trap 4 draw , A lot closer to the rails in the Blue 

Been running the most consistent races of his career of late , Massive back straight pace , if he is close watch out . Currently best price 9/4 may go off as joint or even outright Favourite on the Night . 

Trap 3 Carrowgarriff

Been very consistent and has lead out in some heats, would be a big shock if lifting the title , but deserves place in the final after knocking out bigger names to get here

Trap 4 Vacant

Trap 5 Cabra Buck

Trainer Graham Hollands Dogs are on Top form, Flew from traps in the semi to win , needs to get out again to give him his chance to shine , has his ideal draw now that trap 4 is vacant. 

Trap 6 Slippery Robert

Trained by Robert Gleeson for Larry Dunne , Drawn well to get a solo on the outside, even from his First races has had trouble breaking from the box's. needs to get out lively to let his long stride make the difference

Semi Final Videos

Video from Red Mills

Note Sugar Rays Middle Pace on this Video

Latest Betting


Win or E/W

SelectionPrevious oddsCurrent odds
Ballymac Vic
Tyrur Sugar Ray
Cabra Buck
Slippery Robert
Each way odds » 1/4 Places 1,2

Have a good one !! and Best of luck to all Involved ! Come Home Safe

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Quarter Finals Preview - Fair Warrior Open 400 yards Mullingar

Down to 24

Quarter Finals Draw

Race 8 2013 Fair Warrior Open Sprint Round 2 Heat 1 09:40 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat) (Race Grade : SS0)
Trap Greyhound * View Complete Race Form


Race 9 2013 Fair Warrior Open Sprint Round 2 Heat 2 09:55 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat) (Race Grade : SS0)
Trap Greyhound * View Complete Race Form

Trap 5 BLACK RUSO  m 

Race 10 2013 Fair Warrior Open Sprint Round 2 Heat 3 10:10 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat) (Race Grade : SS0)
Trap Greyhound * View Complete Race Form

Trap 5 MORE TAXES m 
Trap 6 GIN BOY m 

Race 11 2013 Fair Warrior Open Sprint Round 2 Heat 4 10:25 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat) (Race Grade : SS0)
Trap Greyhound * View Complete Race Form


Plans For Final Night are as Follows

Quarter Final 1

Dartey Ron is in 1 for ex Mullingar Champion Trainer Vera Croarkin, ran well last week, if repeating that form can be in the mix

There are 4 Middle seeds in this heat Tasmanic Jaxx in 4 and was joint fastest last week and her early pace should see her lead as usual and has become a contender for the outright title on last weeks run,

Ciaras Spain showed great middle last week and from 3 she should get a chance to use it

Gliroy Gem in 2 needs to lead up Trap 1 and shows the pace he has

Quarter Final 2

Gortmelia Gorey showed some great early last 1l faster than trap 5 Black ruso and 2l faster than the rest of this quarter final , a repeat of this early should be enough to see him through,

Main Danger May be Piercestown Liam who from the outside  should improve on last week for the look.

ill take Glenarden to be the other in the mix from trap 2

Quarter Final 3

The Pat Buckley trained  Ballymac Best Ran a brave race on the rail last week to win his heat , he needs to get oout and on the rail again , this is a step up on last weeks heat

The John "Ginger" Mcgee Trained Bulmers Baby was joint fastest heat winner along with her Kennelmate Tasmanic Jaxx, My 12-1 ante-post selection for the stake won in style last week, with any luck should qualify.

Gin Boy was one of the revelations of last week is in 6 again but will need to run as good a race again to qualify

More Taxes Trained by Francie Murray Ran on well last week but needs to be getting out better here

Quarter Final 4

English raider Scolari Express is drawn in trap 1 , Didnt trap great in the 1st round but his pace still meant he ran well and can improve.

Springwell Watsy in 2 was my outside fancy to go well at 33-1 before the off,and ran well to finished 2nd 2l behind one of the joint fastest heat winners.the  raider on either side need to be on there game this local dog can compete and get the best of them on the night.

Holborn Mac has a lot of pace inside of him may need to show expected improvement to qualify

Lahinch Billy in the stripes on the outside was really impressive last week dropping back in trip , he should be the best of the outside dogs a repeat would see him into the semi Finals,

Latest Prices From Paddypower


Win or E/W

SelectionPrevious oddsCurrent odds
Ballymac Best
Bulmers Baby
Tasmanic Jaxx
Holborn Mac
Gilroy Gem
Ciaras Spain
Village Sean
More Taxes
Prince Butler
Scolari Express
Piercestown Liam
Ballymac Button
Gin Boy
Springwell Busty
Lahinch Billy
Stunning Buddy
Fahy Legend
Isildurs Heir
Gortmelia Gorey
Dartrey Ron
Black Ruso
Dees Prince
Combo Taylor
Each way odds » 1/4 Places 1,2,3,4

Monday, 2 September 2013

ETS Irish Greyhound Derby Semi Final Preview - Shelbourne Park, Saturday September 7th

Its Semi Final time in the Derby,  on Saturday its down to the Last 12,

Draw for Saturday's semis:
1st semi
1  Isabels Boy
2 Droopys Adler
3  Carrowgarriff
4 Tyrur Sugar Ray
5  Hawaii Kinsale
6 Slippery Robert (w)
2nd semi
1 Ballymac Vic
2  Melodys Diamond
3 Borna Gem
4 Kereight King
5 Slippery Sooty (m)
6 Cabra Buck (m)

Quarter Final Videos
Video From Igb

Quarter Final Interviews

Video Thanks to Red Mills

Semi Final Previews

1st Semi

Isabels Boy has shown early pace and has a great chance to lead up the inside, Isabels held off a strong run From both Melodys Diamond and Borna Gem to win the Quarter Final in a Slow enough time , But there are stronger Runners in the Semi Final, can she get out and hold on to get into the Final

Tyrur Sugar Ray has a tricky Draw in 4 , will head straight for the rails should qualify if getting any sort of a decent run,

Eric Hughes done some unofficial 3rd Bend Timings for the Semi Final Runners. no surprise that Kereight King was the fastest , followed by Borna Gem, and 3rd on the overall average was Tyrur Sugar Ray.  He may have been 2nd but for crowding . Considering the dog hasn't trapped at all in the Stake so far that shows how strong a runner this lad is, he has had a good stake so far, and if things go his way  is not an unlikely outright winner.

Slippery Robert has a very good Draw on the outside and has the pace to seal his Place in the Final.

Hawaii Kinsale has improved race by Race during the Derby , But out of the 5 Box in a Semi Final is the biggest test He has Had Yet. Already surpassed expectations and whatever else happens in a Bonus.

Droopys Adler has been qualifying well through the rounds, has a decent draw and could knock out a big name here.

Carrowgarriff  will need some luck here but has done great to get to the Semi Final,

2nd Semi Final

Kereight King Is now the Ante Post Favourite,  His Draw in 4 was said to be "Not Ideal" By Part owner AP Mccoy (National  Hunt Champion Jockey).  King has been showing great early and has Held off Strong Finishes from Tyrur Sugar Ray the Last 2 Weeks and will need to be at his best to get out and win this tough semi Final.

Ballymac Vic Qualified Despite Doubts over his fitness and is described as being better than last week , an even tougher race this week , Connections will be happy to be in the Final and take there chances.

Borna Gem has been running great , she needs to lead the other remaining bitch in the stake Melodys Diamond to qualify

Melodys Diamond has been running on strong without getting the brakes and wasn't far from beating Isabels Boy in the Quarter Final, if she gets the breaks she can qualify

Cabra Buck has been impressive for Trainer Graham Holland , Should be stronger than the other Middle seed in trap 5 Slippery Sooty who was Picked up by Hollands other dog in the stake Hawaii Kinsale in the quarters

its the tougher of the 2 heats and there are plenty of chances.

Latest Ante Post Best Prices



Kereight King (steamer11/4), Ballymac Vic (4), Tyrur Sugar Ray (steamer6), Cabra Buck(steamer12), Isabels Boys (steamer12), Borna Gem (steamer14), Slippery Robert (steamer14), Hawaii Kinsale (steamer20), Melodys Diamond (steamer20), Droopys Adler (steamer33), Slippery Sooty(66), Carrowgarriff (steamer150)