Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 - A Look Back and Forward

2013 - A General look Back and Forward 
GreyhoundsNow - Videos/Blogs

It has been an up and down year on the video side . back in the early months of the year the Igb Decided restrict access to there videos, They proceeded to report various videos on people Youtube and Facebook pages for copyright violations, 

This ended up with mine being shut down and others being tacken down. the 1st one taken down on mine was Paradise Madisons track record run, on other people pages even 2 year old champion hurdle races were reported

Seems a strange way to promote the sport , but as with most rules there is an exemption for some people, The person running the Radzldazl site has been allowed put up any videos he wants including one of  the 2012 Derby winner Skywalker Puma  suffering an injury and focusing on the injury !! Which is a Very poor move imo and only something that anti greyhound racing groups do to try and influence public opinion against greyhound racing.

On the Upside i have Started this blog to use from time to time to promote, post and inform when needed . i have tipped a 12/1 ante post winner , posted technical advice and promoted stakes, 

Blogging can trigger debate and highlight certain issues which is good ,  There have been a few good blogs this year . on hte Racing Post site Jonathan Kay has blogged some progressive views on the future of British Racing , More such views are needed in the coming 2014

Jim Cremin has as always been posting good material , A recent blog on the Wimbledon situation and also on the English Derby and Racing in General. A newcomer was Tom Francis of Airlee Impact Fame , Giving an owners view on the ups and downs of the game.

Another Blog is The Manaboutdog Blog which ran its Top Irish Derby Tipping Competition Won by the lads from Paddy Power Audio . Hopefully its not the end of the Blog and it would be good to see Johnny Blog again .

Back on the Video, the New GreyhoundsNow youtube Channel has now 175 subscribers 132,000 views which is quite good as it only started in Mid May, top Video was Sidaz Jacks Derby Final with 11,400 views. Hopefully its onward and upward, despite a few questioning it 

Irish Racing

With the news of Adrian Neilan not wishing to renew his contract as Ceo of the Igb, things are up in the air. The industry is under a government initiated review , the 2011 accounts were recently up for discussion in the Public Accounts Committee, the 2012 Accounts are in the pipleline aswell at the same time that 2011 is still under review.

30 International Contracts for the tote betting pools and Live video were set to be announced by the end of November!! What has happened these, there were projected as providing and annual €1.5million euro a year income for the board within the next year or 2 

They have hired a new head of tote to oversee and run these pools to suit the various companies  the Current tote takeout in pools are far 2 high to be competitive internationally in mine and many other opinions.  Coventry Headed by Punter orientated Harry Findlay have a 15 percent takeout on all pools and in America Mardi Gras, Hollywood and Tri State Tracks do 9.5 percent take out on win, place and show.

The igb take out 27% or more on pools and added to the poorly run Picture Streaming the igb product is not competitive and And American Punters have told me that they could not bet at them percentages,  

Hopefully a new Ceo with new Ideas needs to get in quick and Promote the game and better communication is badly needed from the new incumbent .

British Racing 

The Wimbledon situation is the Big issue as it were , the Gra / Galliard bid has recieved the backing of Nama (the Irish national assets management authority) and Plan to Bring Afc Wimbledon Back to Plough Lane as tenants of a Football Stadium.

Paschal Taggart Leads a Consortium who Plan to Build a Refurbished Greyhound Stadium. Boris Johnson The Mayor of London is supporting these Plans.

Here is a Video re the Latest on Wimbledon

Hopefully Greyhound racing wins out and the Stadium gets the Long needed Upgrade,  This year during the Derby connections of the Greyhound and Punters alike at the track used My videos to see replays of the races at the track because the televisions were not working to show the replays !!!

I may blog about more specific issues as they arise 

Happy New Year